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Riding camps

We would like to invite children and young people of school age for summer riding camps which we organize for ten years. This year we are offering to offer four stays for 14 days. Riding classes will be held in groups adapted to the level and skills of the participants. Classes are conducted in a manner that allows each participant to develop their riding skills. Each participant will take part in the duty hours at the stables where they will learn to feed a horses and take care of cleanliness and order. For driving lessons have Hucul horses, Haflinger, Wielkopolski.
At the camp, the participants are staying under the watchful eye of qualified instructors who have to offer an interesting program of recreational and entertainment. They organized various competitions, playing sports and games, field games, fitness.
In the evenings are bonfires with sausages and stories about horses. Dance clubs, out of the pool, trips. The program of the camp is also a training video display of a horse.
We also have a mini zoo. Ponies waiting to play with campers:)
For each participant in the camp expect two hours of riding lessons per day, (riding hall, area) full-day household food, accommodation with full bathroom, instructors and educational care, liability insurance, program and recreation and entertainment, power and pleasantly memorable experience Spent time.
At the end of the stay, each participant will receive a surprise prize. 
In our center during the camp, it is possible to pass on riding BADGES!!!.
We have 16 places on each turnus.

Please advance deposit to our bank account (PKO bank 56-1240-4881-1111-0000-5333-3089 )

Welcome to the winter and summer 2013

turnus 1
9.02-17.02 )
turnus 2
price 750 PLN

I 30.06-13.07
II 14.07- 27.07
III 28.07-10.08
IV 11.08-17.08
V 18.08- 31.08
price 1350 PLN

However, you can sign up on the reserve list.... or WELCOME FOR THE YEAR:)

More photos of the horse camps on Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rancho/335893199790503
Group of current participants on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/274538485895387/

Videos of the camps

Movies depicting camp life.